ST131.IR Infrared Sensor

ST131.IR Infrared Sensor
«ST131.IR» is designed to work in pair with «ST131» or «ST131N» to assess infrared emission level in set spectum range.

Tripod allows for easier IR transmitting devices search because of their specific location(For example on the outer side of window).
Tripod consists of 4 sections with overall maximum length 900 mm. Rotation mechanism allows setting required angle in range of 0-180°.
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Sensitivity threshold, dBm -70
Dynamic range, dB, not less 75
Frequency range, MHz 0.01-30
Spectrum range, nm 770-1600 (550-1100)
Angle of sigh, degrees 30
IR sensor's dimensions, mm L= 55, D=25
Wire length, m 1.5
Combined maximum length, m 0.9
Weight, kg 0.3
IR Sensor 1
Turning mechanism 1
Handle 1
Section 3
Technical description and operating manual
Bag 1